About Dr. Kenneth Hideman

Hideman Health Solutions

Dr. Kenneth Hideman D.C.   

Dr. Kenneth Hideman D.C., received his doctoral education from the esteemed Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport Iowa.  He has over 1000 hours of formal, postdoctoral training in Natural Medicine and Clinical nutrition., and is the clinic director at Hideman Health.  He is a certified Cellular Healing expert.  Dr. Hideman consults in the Michiana area, and remotely with clients from across the country. 

A recent study states that: 80% of cancers are non-causative.  Dr. Hideman couldn’t disagree more.  Being of scientific mind, he has a strong affinity to “cause and effect”, as it pertains to health and wellness.   The root of his treatment protocols is to search “upstream”, for causative factors, remove the cause, and repair the damage to the full extent that it can be.  To let you in on a secret:  it starts at the cellular level.

Most would agree that we are dealing with a new degree of disease in the 21st century.  It is the philosophy that many of these diseases are driven by toxicity.   Toxins are everywhere we look, including our working, and home environments, our personal care products, cleaners, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, and even our food and water.

After suffering a brief, but life altering illness, Dr. Hideman, faced periods of hopelessness and despair as he struggled to regain, and maximize his health.  As a result, he has developed a passion for helping those who are suffering from unexplained illnesses of the new millennium, that typically fall through the cracks of the mainstream healthcare model.

Aside from giving hope to the sick, Dr. Hideman also has a passion for helping those who want to take their health to the next level, by improving brain function, metabolic function, and overall vitality.  He believes that an individual who functions at their maximum potential will not only live a more fulfilling life, but have a greater positive impact as a parent, grandparent, spouse, boss, employee, student, or athlete, changing the lives of the world around them.

Dr. Hideman works in a busy clinical setting, so he is only able to take on those individuals and families that he is confident that he can help, and only works with clients who are fully committed to taking any and all necessary steps to restore and optimize their health.  He believes that restoring your health is a team effort, where he can’t take the field for you, but he can guide you each step of the journey, as you learn where health comes from, and how to achieve it.  If this non-traditional approach makes sense to you, don’t wait.  Connect with us today, and take the first step, on your journey to the new you.